Besides the more obvious advantages for the environment and climate are there also other advantages to driving on biodiesel like HVO100 Renewable Diesel and B100 Biodiesel RME Premium.

We have listed the more performance-based advantages, when using biodiesel:

  • Higher cetane number – which gives a better performance:

    The cetane number is the measurement of the fuel quality and indicates how well the fuel burns inside the engine cylinder. A higher cetane number is equal with a shorter ignition time and better combustion. Especially HVO has a stunning cetane number on min. 70.

  • Increased lubricity – which gives less abrasion

    This has to do with measuring how well a fuel reduces friction. Diesel engines rely on their fuel to lubricate moving parts like fuel pumps. In this case provides biodiesel the engine with great natural lubricity and doesn’t need any additives. High lubricity decreases abrasion on the engine components, which helps increasing the life of the engine overall. It will also give a smoother running engine, which is less noisy. (This applies for FAME/B100 and not HVO).

  • Fewer particulate filter problems – which reduces expenses

    The engines diesel particulate filter is where particulate matters is captured from the engines exhaust to reduce harmful emissions. When the filter gets full it heats up to burn off the gathered particulate matter. This process decreases fuel efficiency and require maintenance and replacement of the filters.

    HVO in particular creates fewer particulates, which means that it will also fill the filter slower and thereby less frequent changes of filters compared to regular fossil diesel (and B100). In addition to this is the particulates coming from HVO also easier to burn off than the particulates from regular diesel.

See specifics for changing from regular diesel to B100

Overall is biodiesel a better product than regular diesel also for the engine and not just for the environment and the climate. So, what are your excuses for not changing?

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