Christmas is just around the corner and in that relation is there a lot to be arranged and prepared in most workplaces as well. We all have our traditions and habits, which is also true when it comes to most companies. But maybe this is the year where your business should start to look a little bit into your ways in terms of what can help make the annual Christmas events and preparations a little more sustainable?

At Biofuel Express, we have set up a list of what can make your business a little greener during Christmas:

  • 1. Reuse the Christmas decorations

    Christmas decorations can last for many years, and the same goes for a workplace. Make sure you have saved the decorations from last year and save it until next year and keep in mind when investing in Christmas decorations that it should be possible to keep it somewhere afterwards, so it doesn’t get thrown out because there is no room for it. It may also be possible to hear the employees whether they have any old Christmas decorations that they had intended to throw away, or something they do not use which instead can be used in the office.

  • 2. Choose sustainable materials for Christmas decorations and gifts

    If the office needs new Christmas decorations or more of it, go for durable materials in good quality, or something that is biodegradable. In relations to the office’s Christmas gifts, it can be an idea to let it be possible to choose sustainable gifts or select the supplier based on who are committed to sustainability.

    It may also be a good idea to set up a fake Christmas tree instead of a real one that needs to be replaced again next year. If a real tree is chosen, go for either a “Fair Tree”, an organic tree or one with roots that can be replanted afterward.

  • 3. Rethink the Christmas party

    If you have the opportunity to hold a joint Christmas party at your workplace, it can be a really good idea to rethink the concept, to make it more sustainable – this includes the following:

    • Sustainable serving: Choose a restaurant or catering that is committed to sustainability and ecology
    • Avoid disposable cutlery: If you have the opportunity to use something other thandisposable cutlery for the Christmas party, do so. It might not be quite so convenient, but it is definitely preferable. If that’s not possible, at least make sure it’s not made of plastic.
    • Avoid food waste: This can be done by either making sure that the restaurant is notified of your exact number and any cancellations, or make sure, if you are going to take care of the food yourself, that the number of portions is taken into account, so there is not made more than highly necessary. In addition, there are many shelters that accept excess food from dinner parties, if you do not want to save the leftovers yourself.
    • Reduce meat consumption: It is almost impossible to change the festivities and related traditions, and especially when it comes to the people’s beloved pork roast with potatoes and sauce. But make sure there are green alternatives which preferably are organic and local and choose poultry over the four-legged animals.
    • Choose local and organic: As mentioned with Christmas food, where it preferably should be local and organic, the same case also applies to the beverages. A cold, local beer is just better for the climate than one shipped from abroad!
  • 4. Sort the waste correctly

    This advice may be very general and should apply to the whole year, but it is very important that the waste is sorted correct, so leftover food, plastic, glass, etc. can be recycled and not just end up in the same bin in the office. Also, be sure to dispose of used batteries properly.

  • 5. Use electric or LED lights instead of candles

    Most workplaces have gradually switched to more sustainable lights, as it can be difficult to keep track of who is responsible for extinguishing the candles, and accidents can therefore be avoided in this way. But in addition, there are other benefits to sticking to Christmas lights that can be plugged in or use batteries:

    • It is better for the indoor climate.
    • There is less particulate pollution for the benefit of the environment.
    • There are climate benefits in not having to produce so many candles that burn down and need to be replaced.

We hope you can use this as inspiration for how your workplace can be a little greener during the sweet Christmas season.

We wish you a joyful December!