Neste rethinks the use of agricultural vegetable oils

Neste, the World’s leading producer of renewable diesel including HVO100 Renewable Diesel, is consistently trying to scale and expand the range of raw materials to be used to develop their fuels.

HVO100 Renewable Diesel is primarily an advanced waste-based diesel product. Among other things, it is produced from used frying oil, fat residues from the meat and fish industry and vegetable oils.

One of the future raw materials that Neste is working on integrating into their feedstock range is new vegetable oils from advanced agricultural concepts.

Especially, advanced and sustainable agricultural concepts that do not require the existence or use of more agricultural land have been explored. With these new concepts, the existing cultivation is not replaced, and the risk of indirect land use is minimised – that is where the production does not compromise the cultivation of crops for feed or food. The new cultivation methods can hopefully be used to extract new amounts of vegetable oils from a variety of plants.

The agricultural concepts include, for example, winter crops that are grown outside the main crop’s primary season and are thus to utilise the full potential of agricultural land.

It is essential for Neste to expand the volume and the raw materials in order to scale up, so that it will be possible to meet the demands of the future, which presuppose even more green and sustainable products. This is also why Neste invests a lot of time and resources in innovation that can help find and develop new materials that can be used in their production.

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