Little by little, a new calendar year is about to turn. This means that we are rapidly beginning to prepare for the year 2022, and at the same time we can look back on another year that is about to have passed.

For Biofuel Express it has been a year which once again has been characterized by Corona, but nevertheless it has also been characterized by full speed and a lot of both major projects, new employees, and new stations.

One of the major projects has in particular been the launch of the customer portal Biofuel Express Insight, which will help our customers create transparency and document their climate progress. The portal is a crucial tool to getting a great overview of the company’s fuel consumption, CO2 reduction and the origin of raw materials – which is not only beneficial internally but also for stakeholders, customers and not least the environment and the climate.

In addition, we have also been able to warmly welcome several new employees who have helped, together with the rest of the team, to maintain good service, fast delivery, and continued growth.

Most recently, we have been able to welcome Jerry Thorlund, who has been employed as a service technician at the stations in Sweden. Per Sune Koustrup has been employed as Biofuel Trader, Nanna Neumann has joined as Officebased Account Manager, and Andreas Skarstedt as Account Manager for the Swedish West Coast.

One of other projects that also has filled the last year is the opening of six new filling stations in Sweden located at Arboga, Åstorp, Sölvesborg, Falkenberg, Linköping and Mariestad, as well as an update at the Vimmerby station. This development also continues into the new year when the station network is expanding to Denmark. Initially, two stations have been determined to have locations in Padborg and in Nørre Alslev.

We look forward to a well-deserved Christmas and are ready to go again on the other side of the New Year!

The Biofuel Express team wishes all customers and partners a marvelous Christmas and not least a wonderful New Year.

Best regards from the whole team.

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