Towards a sustainable future

One step at a time


Total CO₂
reduction in 2020

259.000 tons

CO₂ reduction in 2020
Corresponding to 93.500 passenger cars

13 years

Experience of converting to
fossil free fuels


free focus


Sustainability is not something we do on the side – it is the driving force to our existence and operation in this industry.

Biofuel Express’ sustainability policy harmonises economy with environmental and social responsibility, and we aim to continually improve in these areas through our environmental goals. The sustainability perspective is present in every business activity within Biofuel Express – from how we treat our customers to each other within the company, as well as the communities in which we operate in, in order to jointly reduce environmental impact.

The transport sector accounts for a large proportion of all carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. Biofuel Express’ purpose is to replace fossil fuels with renewable and sustainable alternatives, thereby reducing the negative environmental impact. We are a trustworthy and reliable partner in the transportation industry and are directly involved in realising countries’ ambitions to reduce emissions and ultimately become fossil free.

Our products contribute to better air quality and has the market’s best environmental properties that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70-90%, compared to its fossil counterpart.

Biofuel Express holds a control system that ensures traceability and sustainability of the volume of biofuels consumed. Our reliable distribution network is powered by renewable fuels that guarantee a fossil free supply chain all the way from manufacturing to customer.

Over the last 10 years, we have made efforts in the Nordic markets to help our customers to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and under 2020 we reduced GHG emissions by 259.000 tons – as much as 93.500 cars emit in a year.

Become carbon neutral with us and contribute to a better future!

B100 Biodiesel RME
Renewable Diesel HVO
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The Global Goals

Sustainability and the global goals

Goals can help create the framework for change

At Biofuel Express, we work continuously to optimize and improve, not only in relation to our ISCC-certified products, but also internally in the company. In order to maintain a common goal, several of the UN’s Global Goals have been selected, which serve as additional focus points in the organization.

It is not enough to preach about climate change and sell greener products if you do not lead by example. Therefore, it is essential for Biofuel Express and all its employees that an effort is made by choosing sustainable solutions, for example when it comes to everything from the interior that is in the offices, to the merchandise that is distributed to customers and at exhibitions. There are here made choices based on high quality and recycled materials.

Sustainable products and processes

Internally in the organization, sustainability policies have been set up, which includes environmental management and CSR. Through the ISO-certification, Biofuel Express commits to minimize its environmental impact through strategic activities that involve concrete goals, follow-ups, and evaluation. Therefore, is there ongoingly worked on improving the company’s quality and environmental goals. It is not only the environmental impact in relation to reduced CO2 emissions that is considered, but also being able to reduce the company’s volumes of waste, kilometers driven per delivered cubic meter, avoid environmental accidents, etc.

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Climate and environmental goals
sustainable cities

It is important that the company can vouch for the products sold and the raw materials used. Therefore, palm oil has been phased out in HVO production. Waste and residues will fill up more and more, in regard to gradually getting better utilization of resources. Research into new technologies, greenhouse gases and particles provide improved and optimized solutions. It benefits both the environment and the climate.

zero hunger

In this aspect, biogas can be highlighted, as its circular recycling process helps to nourish the crops in the field, has a positive impact on the agricultural economy in the form of plants and jobs, and it contributes to more environmental and climatic benefits. In this way, biogas plants help to ensure sustainable fertilization of the agricultural areas and reduce the overall climate footprint of agriculture.

Clean energy

Biofuel Express also supports renewable energy sources outside the organization. In addition to focusing on the spread of own products, there has also been invested in, among other things, Bluetown, which is working to increase the standard of living by spreading the Internet through solar-powered WIFI stations in the 3rd world.

Climate action

Biofuel Express has made demands of our carriers, as we know how important it is that we not only have ours right, but that by making demands we can have a positive impact on others and our entire supply chain. Our transport suppliers therefore run primarily on our own fossil-free diesel, which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to normal fossil diesel.

Demand a change – because no one can do it alone

Responsible consumption

At the Biofuel Express stations, we are very deliberate of optimizing and making green choices where it’s possible. Specifically, the company in Sweden supports biodiversity in the local areas through planting, and the fuel stations use the latest technology in LED lighting, which consists of advanced, sensor-controlled lighting systems that conserve energy when activity is low. It is not only about reducing costs, but also about reducing energy consumption for the benefit of the climate. In addition, we place particular emphasis on high-quality solutions at our stations as well as maintenance, so that the replacement of equipment is less.