Winters have become shorter. Compared to 30 years ago, winter has generally been shortened by a whole month a year, while we are still in the process of negatively affecting the climate and causing temperatures to rise further.

With the speed we are at and the emissions that are being emitted, researchers predict that the ski industry will probably shut down within the next 80 years except for very few places that are either placed very high or very northern.

For every day or week that the ski resorts must shorten their season is problematic for the industry’s economy and survival, and therefore the resorts will also have to think smarter and start setting ambitious environmental and climate goals as part of the overall strategy. It can both help to create an image and a market advantage to make a climate effort, but then it is also a necessity for the ski industry itself to take the lead in the climate fight, to avoid seeing the whole industry melt away, so to speak…

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The solution

Several resorts have already taken a stand and started the conversion process by climate-neutralizing the resorts through solar panels, electrification, recycling and more. But more can and must be done by more people.

One of the heavy CO2 sinners are in particular the larger diesel vehicles such as snowplows and snow groomers. In this case it can be beneficial to reduce CO2 emissions through the use of renewable and fossil-free biodiesel such as (HVO100) Neste MY Renewable Diesel, which can both

  • reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to ordinary diesel,
  • but which also reduces local particulate emissions by up to 33%,

which is of great benefit to the local community, employees and guests.

In relation to this, it is important that the ski resorts can document and validate their progress, so that both stakeholders, shareholders and guests can get a real overall picture of the work of reducing CO2 emissions. In order to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for the ski centers, Biofuel Express has, among other things, developed Biofuel Express Insight, which can help create an overview of CO2 reductions, fuel consumption, raw materials and their origin. In this way, the ski center can more easily track, regulate, and achieve their environmental and climate goals based on relevant parameters such as resources, economy and technological life.

You are welcome to contact us without obligation to hear how your ski resort can reduce its CO2 emissions and start the conversion process to fossil-free fuel – right away.

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