Most people have gradually heard Power2X being mentioned and is most certainly not to be missed if you have just the slightest bit of interest within energy. But what is Power2X, why is there a need for it at all, and how does it work? We have tried to put words and pictures into this, in order to provide a greater understanding of the renewable energy form of the future.

The need for a new energy system

Power2X is going to change the entire existing energy system, where in the future we will get our energy from many different sources and technologies, which is hugely interesting.

In recent years, many of the renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, have been dependent on the weather, which has its limitations. Production costs for electricity have fallen and we are sometimes in a situation where we have surpluses of renewable energy from these sources. So far, there have been two options. Either you slow down the wind turbines and disconnect the solar cells, and thus lose production, or we have sold it extremely cheaply – we have even been paying to send the electricity to, for example, Norway. Here it is used to pump water up into their water reservoirs, which can thereby produce renewable energy, which we can buy back expensively when there is no wind, and the sun has set. Such an energy system therefore has its limitations and disadvantages, which means that it is dependent on others e.g., other countries and it does not get full utilization of the energy sources.


How does Power2X work?

Power2X is a technological breakthrough where the surplus power can be used to produce hydrogen. This hydrogen can then be further processed together with, for example, CO2 to methane or methanol, and thereby we have energy, in forms that can be stored and transported. This is a revolutionary change in the entire energy system that can help to create greater utilization of the green energy sources. But the precondition for this is sustainability, and that require the CO2 for the Power2X technologies to be extracted by green technologies. So, there must be requirements for the purity of CO2 and documentation for this. Here, the biogas plants are enormously interesting, as relatively clean CO2 flows already exist here, which until now have only been emitted into the atmosphere.

At Biofuel Express, we are aware of the potential that exists for the plants and are actively working to realize value creation from this resource, which has otherwise just been seen as a residual or waste product.