Power-to-X is part of Neste’s future production

Neste, which is a leader in the development and production of HVO, is working on several future raw materials and not least technologies that can help strengthen the green transition.

In this particular process, one of the most talked about technologies is Power-to-X. Power-to-X technology enables the conversion of electricity into hydrogen, other fuels and even chemicals, which could help solve the dilemma of storing renewable energy.

The key technology is electrolysis, where hydrogen is produced from CO2 and water using electricity by splitting water molecules. Using electricity from renewable sources, such as wind or solar energy, the technology can be used to produce hydrogen.

Power-to-X makes it possible to completely convert to renewable energy with minimal changes to existing transportation, heating, and industrial infrastructure. And by using industrial CO2 emissions as raw material, power-to-x technologies can help turn the current problem with GHG emissions into a solution.

Photo: Neste

Neste’s Power-to-X status right now

Right now, Neste has hired an innovation team which the vice president of “Renewable hydrogen and PtX” at Neste, Outi Ervasti, is leading. The team is helping to develop the use of hydrogen and an exciting new solution that will help produce renewable energy based on Power-to-X.

Read more about Neste’s team here

What does the future hold?

In the long run, hydrogen can also be turned into a fuel in itself, which has great potential for heavy transport.

Even though a lot of money and time is being posted into the development, there is still some time left before it actually becomes relevant. The experts from Neste estimate that it may take about a decade before production is at a level that can be used for the mass market.

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