Biofuel Express Insight has not been implemented for very long, but the customer portal has already received positive feedback from Biofuel Express’ customers:

“With the Biofuel Express Insight-portal Biofuel Express has stepped up their game. I wish that other suppliers would also be able to provide such quality of data. The portal has become an essential tool for our group, and it is widely used across various functions and geographical areas- from purchasing, to business controllers, fuel managers, and of course- the sustainability department,’’ says one of Biofuel Express’ customers, which is a strategic purchaser for one of Scandinavia’s leading public transport operators.

The feedback from several customers has been that the portal can help create new business and customers through the systematic work with reporting of the greenhouse gas emissions, which can be used to improve companies’ green portfolio and document the positive environmental impact that it has on the cities and municipalities that they operate in.

The positive feedback from customers particularly pleases Mads Tarpgaard, COO and CFO at Biofuel Express, who has been involved in the development of the climate reporting tool:

“For us, it has been all about meeting our customers’ needs to be able to document their progress in the climate area, while at the same time feeling secure with the process. Here, the key words have been transparency and security. It is important that our customers receive validated and processed data that is reliable and that can serve as benchmarks for the company’s internal work with the environment and climate,” says Mads Tarpgaard about the prerequisites for the development process and the increased need for climate documentation.

The portal has been developed in collaboration with Fremsyn, a Danish consulting firm that specializes in green conversion options and Kapacity, which is one of Microsoft’s leading data and analysis partners. The partners have been particularly essential in relation to elements such as security, data quality and cutting-edge technology.

If you would like to hear more about Biofuel Express Insight and your company’s options for using the portal, you are more than welcome to contact us without obligation:

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