At Biofuel Express, we have now had the honor to welcome our new colleague Per Sune Koustrup.

Per has been hired as Biofuel Trader / Supply Manager, where he, with his specialized knowledge in the oil and energy industry, will work closely with Biofuel Express’ suppliers, in relation to the growth that the company is experiencing.

Per has previously worked at Circle K in the Fuel department, where he has a lot of experience to draw on and therefore also a lot of know-how when it comes to the industry.

Per sees several advantages of working at Biofuel Express, including that it is a young and dynamic company where there is not far from thought to action. However, the main reason for him to become a part of the Biofuel Express team is that Biofuel Express’ was born green, where the big oil companies have a long and heavy journey ahead of them in relation to the green transition.

Per can be contacted by e-mail or by phone +45 3131 9276.

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