Fossil free in 5 minutes
with Neste MY Renewable Diesel

The road to fossil free operation has never been easier


CO₂ reduction


Superior cold weather performance


Odourless and less local emissions


Compatible with all diesel engines


Simple conversion to fossil free transport

Converting to fossil free operation has never been easier!

With Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ you can become fossil free as soon as you start driving with the product in your tank. No engine modification investments are required when using Neste MY Renewable Diesel ™ and it can be mixed freely with regular diesel.

The product performs very well during the winter season and is suitable for tough weather conditions. It can handle temperatures down to -30 degrees and has strong storage stability.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ meets the standard CEN / TS 15940 for paraffinic fuels applicable to all diesel engines. Most heavy truck manufacturers, such as Volvo, Scania and Mercedes, have approved the use of pure HVO in their engines.

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Superior performance

Neste MY Renewable Diesel ™ (HVO 100) is a low-carbon quality fuel that can fully replace conventional diesel and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel ™ requires no modifications to the engines, and has several advantages over other diesel products, such as:

  • Fossil free – a renewable and sustainable fuel
  • Up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions

  • Can be mixed with regular diesel

  • Superior performance, down to -30 degrees

  • Excellent storage features – does not lose quality

  • Odourless

Just refuel and drive!

Neste MY renewable Diesel

Reduce your environmental footprint
– become fossil free in 5 minutes

When choosing Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, you contribute to a more sustainable future.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ reduces the negative impact on environment as the fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to fossil diesel.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel ™ reduces particle levels in the atmosphere by 30%, making it an excellent option for city buses and trucks. Since HVO consists of simple paraffins and is aromatics-free, the combustion process with HVO is cleaner and produces relatively low exhaust emissions.

  • CO₂ 90% reduction

  • Particles 33% reduction

  • NOx 9% reduction

  • HC 30% reduction

  • CO 24% reduction

Product data sheet

The data has been compiled from over 40 different studies that include different engines and different kind of emission after-treatment systems.

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