In recent years, a lot has been done to isolate the houses better, make them self-sufficient, get solar cells on the roof and much more. But even though there has been a lot more focus on sustainable solutions, is the construction industry still a big part of the overall picture when it comes to the total environment and climate emissions.

The building and construction industry accounts for approx. 39% of the world’s total CO2 emissions [1]. So, it is a huge climate sinner that fills an incredible amount in the overall statistics.

This means that something still needs to happen in this industry, and that much more can be done to reduce CO2 emissions and particulate matter emissions. This can be of great value to both the climate, the people in the cities, but in particular to the employees in the industry, who are exposed to a bad local environment every day and inhale harmful particles.

One of the solutions that can help to restructure and improve the industry relatively quickly without major initiatives and investments is HVO100 Neste MY Renewable Diesel. Neste MY Renewable Diesel has the advantage that it does not require any modifications to the vehicles, as the specifications are almost identical to ordinary diesel, and therefore can be used 100% pure or blended with fossil diesel. This will make it easy for all machines and transport vehicles in the company to switch to a fossil-free alternative according to the company’s wishes and finances. In addition, it will also be easier to set ambitious climate goals, and to measure and improve the company’s environmental performance.

What particularly makes Neste MY Renewable Diesel beneficial to the construction industry is:

  • That harmful particles are reduced by up to 33%

    • This means that the air around the construction sites is significantly improved for the benefit of the environment and people in the local area
  • That it has a reduction of up to 90% of greenhouse gases (GHG) over the fuel life cycle compared to fossil diesel

  • That CO (carbon monoxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxide), which are also harmful greenhouse gases, are also significantly reduced in relation to the use of fossil diesel

It therefore makes very good sense switching to a fossil-free operation in the construction industry. The changes can be done here and now, and we at Biofuel Express can help you with documentation of your emissions through our Sustainability Reporting tool and to find a solution that suits your company in relation to everything from your geographical, technical, and economical position, but most essentially based on the environmental aspect.

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