There can be many reasons why you as a company have not done anything about your CO2 emissions yet, for example if you are a small company with fewer resources, who want to use green fuels, then we have the solution.

There are no excuses for not thinking about the work environment and your employees. When using HVO, the noise is reduced by up to 2 dB(a) and 33% fewer particles are emitted.

It does not have to be more diffecult or costly to go green here and now. If you are a small or medium-sized company, a tank plant can be a great investment. We have a solution that is economical, mobile and practical.

With an IBC pallet tank of 1000 liters HVO100 Renewable Diesel, we at Biofuel Express can help you get a green conversion right away. The tank can be placed at the construction site, at the company, where it suits you best…

HVO100 Renewable Diesel is synthetic diesel produced primarily on residues and waste from namely the meat and fish industry. The advantages of using HVO as fuel in the machines instead of fossil diesel are many.

It can in particular be mentioned that:

  • Greenhouse gases are reduced by up to 90% according to the entire fuel life cycle
  • Harmful particles are reduced by up to 33%, which is beneficial for employees and others in the local community
  • Harmful gases such as NOx and CO are significantly reduced
  • Less smoke development and odor nuisance
  • Exhaust noise is reduced

The IBC solution includes:

  • Complete pump set developed for HVO
  • Pump speed of 40 liters / min. Incl. Measurement
  • Self-priming pump with bypass
  • 5-meter hose
  • Automatic pistol
  • Bottom filter and fittings
  • 220 volts

HVO100 is completely compatible with ordinary diesel and can therefore be used either 100% pure or blended as desired. This means that it does not require investments in new equipment and is therefore one of the fastest and easiest ways to become fossil-free if you want to meet the growing demand for better and greener solutions.

So, whether you work in the golf industry, (construction) horticulture, forestry and agriculture, the construction industry or something completely different, this is the first step on the road to a green conversion…

If you have any questions on how we can help your company with an IBC tank solution you are very welcome to contact us without any binding:

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Finn Poulsen 
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