Biofuel Express has just launched a new customer portal – Biofuel Express Insight – which will function as a tool for our customers, where they can easily and quickly:

  • Follow their overall CO2 reductions

  • See their fuel consumption in real time

  • Download Sustainability Reports within a few clicks

  • Gain insight into which raw materials have been used to produce the biofuel and their origin

The portal will make it even easier for companies to get an overview of their fuel consumption and document their climate efforts by running on fossil-free diesel alternatives from Biofuel Express. This will help customers to set ambitious climate goals that can be followed closely and adjusted on an ongoing basis.

There can through the portal be created more transparency towards stakeholders, and it can be effectively used as a tool to decarbonise the whole supply chain. It also makes it possible for your company to make demands of your partners and suppliers, in relation to documenting their climate efforts and CO2 reductions by switching to fossil-free products.

Does your company also want to set ambitious climate goals and reduce your carbon footprint? Then you are welcome to hear more about your options for a fossil-free operation or get advice on reducing the entire green value chain – all the way through.

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