HVO – Fossil free diesel – 90% CO2 reduction2022-06-07T13:21:34+02:00

HVO100 Renewable Diesel
Performance meets sustainability

Fossil free operation without compromise


CO₂ reduction


Superior cold weather performance


Odorless and less local emissions


Compatible with all diesel engines

Compatible with all diesel engines

HVO Renewable Diesel is a premium fossil free diesel product made of 100% renewable raw materials, which does not release any new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is produced by hydrotreatment of vegetable oils and/or animal fats, and the result is a premium quality fuel with a chemical structure almost identical to regular diesel and can therefore fully replace fossil diesel.

Pure HVO, HVO100, can be used in diesel engines without modification and is approved for all heavy vehicles of the market leading engine manufacturers such as Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, MAN among others.


Fossil free diesel HVO is significantly better for the environment than fossil diesel, while keeping up with equal performance. HVO can be used immediately without modification of engines or infrastructure. In addition, HVO has better combustion, filterability and cold temperature resistance than other diesel products in the market.

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“We are satisfied with the renewable diesel HVO and have had a very good experience with 100% HVO operations. We have a diversified fleet of vehicles and the product has worked well on our large vehicles, minibuses and passenger cars. It has not affected the service intervals, engines are clean and have worked well also during winter conditions.”

Biofuel Express customer, Östergötland, Sweden

The purest fuel on the market

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a completely renewable diesel alternative based on vegetable oils, grease waste, or residues from e.g. food industry and agriculture. When refuelling HVO fuel from Biofuel Express, you can reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 90%, compared with conventional diesel.

The cetane number for HVO diesel is between 70–90, which is significantly higher compared to 50–60 for fossil diesel. It provides extra power to the engine and more efficient and cleaner combustion that reduces soot in engines and exhaust systems.

HVO100 biofuel complies with the EN15940 specification and the standard for diesel fuels EN 590, except for the density that is about 7% lower. It works seamlessly on all modern diesel engines in buses, trucks and construction machinery.

Product Data Sheet

Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ HVO100
– Fossil free in 5 minutes

Biofuel Express is a reseller of the world leading HVO100, Neste MY Renewable Diesel™.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ HVO is a premium quality fossil free fuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% and works well in all diesel engines, without any special adaptation.

  • Fossil free – a renewable and sustainable fuel
  • Up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions

  • Can be mixed with regular diesel

  • Superior performance, down to -30 degrees

  • Excellent storage features – does not lose quality

  • Odourless

Just refuel and drive!

Become fossil free in 5 minutes with Neste MY Renewable Diesel™
Neste MY renewable Diesel


Is HVO100 Neste MY Renewable Diesel 100% Fossil Free?2021-06-14T10:29:09+02:00

Hydrogen, which is partly derived from fossil natural gas, is used in the production of HVO100. Hydrogen itself should not be defined as a raw material but is used in the chemical process to remove oxygen from the fatty acids that make up the renewable raw material base. There are therefore residues or traces of fossil origin in the final product itself. The share is temporarily very small – less than 1% – exactly 0.8% based on the statement from the Swedish tax authorities. The figure is public information, and one that Neste reports to the Energy Taxation Directive, when the full energy and carbon dioxide tax is paid for the part of HVO100 that cannot be fully derived from pure biomass. You are welcome to contact us for further information about the product.

What is the price on HVO100 Renewable Diesel?2021-05-19T14:58:08+02:00

HVO100 Renewable Diesel is in general more expensive than regular diesel. However, the price can vary a lot depending on the market. Right now, the price difference is about 1.19 SEK per liter (incl. VAT) in Sweden (updated March 2021), as it is expensive to manufacture. But it is, of course, an additional cost that has been well spent in terms of the environment and the climate.

Is HVO biodiesel?2021-05-19T15:02:48+02:00

HVO is biodiesel, as it is diesel made from biological material. However, it differs from 1st generation biodiesel (RME), which is made from vegetable material, where HVO is primarily made from residues and waste.

Learn more about 1. and 2. generations biodiesel.

Where can I refuel HVO100?2021-05-19T15:03:41+02:00

You can refuel Neste MY Renewable Diesel (HVO100) at our Biofuel Express stations in Mariestad, Åstorp, Hogstorp/Uddevalla, Helsingborg, Ödeshög/Vida Vättern and Vimmerby in Sweden with more new stations on the way. Find our stations here.

Biofuel Express also offers direct delivery (bulk) of HVO100 to your own tank.

What is Neste MY Renewable Diesel?2021-05-19T15:05:35+02:00

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a brand name for HVO100 produced by the world’s leading manufacturer, Neste, of renewable diesel. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is your guarantee for the market’s best quality of HVO that can withstand temperatures down to -32 degrees.
It is a renewable fuel that is produced by hydrotreating oils, waste and residues. HVO “100” means that the fuel contains HVO to 100 percent usage. You can mix Neste MY Renewable Diesel with fossil diesel in your tank without any problems.

What is HVO produced from?2021-05-19T15:24:08+02:00

Biofuel Express’ HVO Renewable Diesel is made of about 10 different raw materials, among other things. animal fat, waste from the food industry, recycled cooking oil, waste from the fish industry and residues from food oil production. These raw materials are classified as residual products and waste and are guaranteed to be sustainable according to applicable laws. You can read more about the feedstock here.

Can you mix HVO and Diesel?2021-05-19T15:10:26+02:00

Yes, you can. HVO100 Renewable Diesel is fully mixable with regular diesel.

What is the difference between HVO and MK3 Diesel?2021-05-19T15:11:49+02:00

HVO100 Renewable Diesel is made from renewable and sustainable raw materials and has up to 90% lower CO2 emissions. In addition, HVO is odourless and emits fewer local particles than regular diesel.

HVO is a chemical copy of regular diesel that works at least as well as conventional diesel. HVO has a density lower than MK3 Diesel. On the other hand, the cetane number (diesel oil octane number) is better for HVO than for MK3. There is no difference to your fuel economy.

How much CO2 do I save on HVO100?2021-05-19T15:13:15+02:00

Up to 90% of CO2 is saved compared to regular diesel by changing to HVO100 Renewable Diesel.

Can my vehicle run on pure HVO (HVO100)?2021-05-19T15:13:52+02:00

Yes – no problem!

HVO100 Renewable Diesel can be used in all diesel engines as it has the same chemical composition as conventional diesel. However, one must follow the engine manufacturer’s recommendations for each fuel.

Contact us and we will help you with what applies to your vehicle fleet.

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