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Sales Sweden and Norway
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Sales Norway and Sweden

Jonas Roth
Key Account Manager
+46 (0) 704 928 941

Jonas was previously educated in marketing and finance at IHM Business School. In addition, he has previous experience of approaching the fossil-free industry, and he has concretely had truck drivers, bus companies and heating plants as customers.

Jonas is employed as a Customer Success Manager at Biofuel Express where he will contribute to supporting Biofuel Express’ customers to an even greater degree.

Jonas sees the work at Biofuel Express as a good opportunity to return to the fossil-free industry and develop Biofuel Express’ already leading position in Scandinavia. Jonas sees many advantages in the fact that it is an industry of the future, and that it is possible both to save money and at the same time contribute to a better environment.

Personally, Jonas is convinced that technology must help to prevent climate change, and he has thus installed solar cells on the roof of his house and is also trying to adjust his consumption.

Liene Norberg
Strategic customer relations
+46 (0) 763 464 240

Liene has a master’s degree in diplomacy with focus on environmental and stakeholder management. She has been working with green energy for almost a decade and sees it as a win-win, to be able to help reduce our CO2 footprint. In Biofuel Express, Liene is responsible for the major strategic customers, including public transport. Here she helps to promote fossil-free solutions throughout Europe, where she meets and advises customers in relation to where they are in their transition.

Liene and her family are generally the outdoor types who spend time hiking in the mountains and experiencing nature, so being able to influence the green agenda is especially something she has in mind.

Martin Hansson
Sales Manager heavy transport
+46 (0) 720 801 200

Martin Hansson is responsible for the heavy transport in Sweden.

Martin has many years of experience within the biofuel industry and therefore he has extensive knowledge of both the products and what is happening in the market.

Martin places particular emphasis on the fact that the products are of great importance for the green agenda and are good for the environment, which he sees as a great advantage in his work.

Rasmus Andersson
Key Account Manager
+46 (0) 735 304670

Rasmus originally studied National Economics at Lund University and has since had a long career in sales, especially in the vehicle and logistics industry.

Rasmus is at Biofuel Expresansat as Key Account Manager in Sweden, where he will have close customer contact.

Rasmus sees the position at Biofuel Express as a good opportunity to work in a place where you are at the forefront of the green transition, and in addition to the personal boost it provides, he sees it as even more essential with two daughters at home, as the importance of what you pass on to the next generation becomes even more apparent.

Sales Denmark and Europe

Finn Bjarne Poulsen
Bulk Denmark/Europe
+45 53 88 79 89

Finn is originally a graduate in economics and has a Graduate Diploma in Organization (HD), but also has several years of experience from the haulage and transport industry, where he has, among other things, been manager of a haulage company. Finn has more than 20 years of experience in the oil industry, which means he has a broad knowledge in transport and fuel, which he uses to advise customers on the right solutions.

In Biofuel Express, he oversees the haulage section in Denmark, but he also operates in several other countries, e.g. the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden.

Nanna Neumann
Officebased Account Manager
+45 31 14 42 81

Nanna is responsible for SuperOffice, where she has to ensure an ongoing flow and quality assurance of data.

Previously, Nanna worked as a project manager within sales and products, where she has gained insight into relevant workflows, which can be used to optimize and improve these in the best possible way.

Nanna sees it as a motivating factor to have to work in a company with a strong vision within green transformation.

Supply and sourcing

Per Sune Koustrup
Biofuel trader / Supply manager
+45 31 31 92 76

Per is Cand. Merc. Int. Buss. from Aarhus University where he wrote his thesis about radical innovation in transport. He has more than 15 years of experience with decarbonisation of land-based transport within hydrogen, fuel cells, e-mobility, fossil fuels (gasoline and diesel) and biofuels (alcohols, biodiesel and HVO). In the past he was responsible for BtB pricing towards major key-accounts, he made the BtC Pricing Strategy, was 2nd in command in the Fuel Department and represented the company in national TV and in the branch organization. He is an often used speaker at international fuel conferences.

In Biofuel Express his main tasks will be biofuel trading and the associated risk handling and mitigation. His motivation for joining Biofuel Express is that the company is green “to its bones” and that there is a short way from idea to implementation! His spare time is spent in the Alpes in the winter and on his boat in the summer.

Clemen Rasmussen
+46 (0) 708 409 474

Clemen is educated at the University Copenhagen as an environmental and natural resource economist. There he wrote his thesis about CO2 reduction and has previously worked for the Environmental Assessment Institute, which is also where Clemen’s interest in the green transition started – here he got tired of the eternal talk, but lack of action, which was one of the early steps prior to starting Biofuel Express in collaboration with Martin.

The ambition has therefore been to combine finance with the environment and at the same time ensure a transparent business strategy based on advice, documentation, and foresight. Making a difference through climate-conscious solutions and the opportunity to play an important role in society is therefore a major driving force.

Martin Sebastian Agdal
+45 29 26 41 22/+971 557 011 419

Martin has a degree within trading (HHX), and has a degree in marketing merconomy and a HD (O) from CBS. Martin joined A / S Dansk Shell in 1996 as a trainee, and during his time at Shell he has held several positions within heavy transport, including having the global responsibility for the development of Shell’s unmanned station concept Shell Truck Diesel. Martin ended his career at Shell as global marketing operations manager for Shell International Transport, and has gained a great deal of knowledge and a global network within heavy transport.

With Martin’s extensive knowledge of the oil industry, he could see early on that the market lacked a supplement to the fossil fuels in the form of some more green alternatives, which helped pave the way for the founding of Biofuel Express in collaboration with Clemen. His spare time is spent with family, his 3 children and close friends.

Logistics and station network

Per-Olof Glaving
Network stations & partnerships
+46 (0) 706 357 690

Per-Olof has worked for many years in the oil industry as a salesman with, among other things, equipment, products, diesel and industry. At Biofuel Express, Per-Olof is responsible for the establishment of new sites and network systems, including cooperation agreements regarding tank maps and filling stations.

Per-Olof especially loves a high activity level, and therefore suits the pace at Biofuel Express him very well, because it is always full speed ahead.

Torsten Klevang
+45 40 32 01 92


Jette Svart Karagöz
+971 (0) 506 568 589

Jette has a master’s in business economics and works as a financial controller, where she makes sure to keep track of the finances internally and keeps a close eye on everything.

Basically, Jette has a great fondness for spreadsheets, and likes when things go up in a higher entity. Jette thinks that field of green energy is an exciting industry to work in and it is nice to a part of a young company with high ceilings and a flat organizational structure.

Mads Tarpgaard
+45 24 34 76 04

Mads has worked for many years with business intelligence, controlling, business development and process optimization. At Biofuel Express is Mads CFO and has the great financial overview. In addition, he has a great interest in automation, quality assurance and efficiency in order to letting IT be an optimizing facilitator of everyday life. It is therefore also important for Mads to create transparency by offering services that helps to make everyday life easier for our customers through e.g. reporting and consumption overviews.

Personally, Mads can see an idea in thinking innovatively within the green sector through smart solutions that can help develop circular and sustainable systems that are beneficial to both the economy and the climate.

Tina Nilsson
+46 (0) 767 696 917

Tina is educated with in economy and employed as a finance assistant. Among other things, she works with controlling, reconciliation, and invoicing at Biofuel Express.

Tina thinks it is ideal to be able to work in a company where you can help improve the World, we live in.