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We are continuously expanding our network of stations to ensure the availability of our products.

To stay up to date on upcoming station openings, feel free to sign up in the form, or you can download our full PDF station map below.


Biofuel Express Card

With a Biofuel Express card you can easily and conveniently refuel at all our stations and partner stations in Sweden and automatically receive a discount on each refueling. The card also provides an opportunity to get an overview of your transport costs and the total CO2 reduction.

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Dobbelt kortsystem

Biofuel Express 2-card system

Biofuel Express 2-card system are suitable for companies with several vehicles powered by different drivers in Sweden. Your company will be equipped with two different types of cards – one that is connected to each individual vehicle and one that each driver has with them. To refuel, both the card and the PIN code for the driver card must be used. This also increases the security if one of the cards falls into the wrong hands.

With this solution, you can quickly get an insight into your costs and consumption and see which driver has refueled which vehicle.

Express stations

You can always refuel B100 Biodiesel RME Premium, HVO Renewable Diesel and Diesel at attractive rates at our express stations 24 hours a day. You also have the opportunity of a fixed discount agreement with a Biofuel Express fuel card.

Best quality of the market

When refuelling at our stations, you are guaranteed the best quality products in your tanks.

Biofuel Express offers the market leading qualities of both B100 Biodiesel RME and HVO100 Renewable Diesel, ensuring you and your engine an all year-round secure operation.

Several of our stations are also equipped with AdBlue. Then you only need to stop at one place to fill all the tanks.

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Biofuel Express pumper

High speed pumps

Our network of stations is specially designed for trucks and busses.

You pay by card directly by the pump, so you can quickly get on without waiting at the checkout.

Our network of stations for heavy vehicles are especially equipped with high speed pumps (130 liters/min) to reduce refuelling time.

There are also low speed pumps available for light freight vehicles and refrigerator trucks. This applies for B100 Biodiesel RME, HVO Renewable Diesel and Diesel.

Credit card terminals and security

The card terminals are powered by a touch screen and can help our customers in up to 32 different languages.

All transactions are made exclusively with online PIN validation, and the system meets the strictest EMC requirements from the banks. The system and stations are monitored 24 hours a day. In case of malfunction, this is reported immediately via the network to our operating department.

We are therefore proud to present to our customers one of the most reliable and stable operating systems in the industry.


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Direct delivery

If there is no station near you, we also deliver bulk directly to your own tank.

Biofuel Express has extensive experience with the installation and operation of ‘’home based’’ tanks, regardless of size and needs.

We take care of the whole operation, so you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel.

The product is of the same high quality as at our stations – but delivered directly to you, still at the best price of the market.

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