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Circular economy
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Biogas is produced when livestock manure and organic residues from industry and households are fed to a biogas plant consisting of a series of tanks without oxygen.

The used biomass comes primarily from livestock manure but can also consist of residues from the food industry, including slaughterhouse waste, and other sources such as household waste. In addition, residues from agriculture are used, including straw.

We can help you convert your fleet to waste-based biogas – for the benefit of you, future generations and not least the climate.

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There are countless benefits to using biogas. Among other things, it should be mentioned that:

  • Biogas production functions as a circular economy.
  • Biogas will be able to partially replace natural gas and has the opportunity to be transported around the nation in the large natural gas network that already exists.

  • In several studies, biogas production has been found to be the cheapest method of reducing the greenhouse effect.
  • Biogas plants also help to create employment in agriculture, where new jobs are needed in several places.
  • The use of degassed manure as fertilizer instead of raw manure also means that the production of nitrous oxide in the soil is reduced. This is also important for reducing the climate impact.
  • Biogas can help displace and reduce fossil fuels such as coal, diesel, or petrol.
  • Degassed manure smells far less than raw manure. It therefore produces fewer odor nuisances in connection with the application of livestock manure in the fields.
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You are welcome to contact us to hear more about biogas!

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You are welcome to contact us regarding biogas!

Knud Boesgaard
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Finn Bjarne Poulsen

+45 53 88 79 89

Contact us if you have questions about biogas!

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