There can be a big difference in everything from design to comfort when it comes to the interior you choose either at home or for the office. A point that has gradually emerged more to choose by is the story behind the chair and not just based on its functionality and appearance. At Biofuel Express, we value sustainable and green solutions and thus also the history associated with the furniture we have in our offices.

It has therefore also been essential to choose based on parameters such as environment and climate, as the new premises on Alsvej in Denmark had to be decorated. The final choice was green (in more ways than one) Gate Reflect chairs from Savir, produced with the environment in focus. The black and gray shells are made of recycled polypropylene granules. The frame is produced from 97% certified sustainable recycled aluminum, and all plastic and frame parts are made from recyclable materials.

So apart from the fact that they can have a practical function when we finally get the opportunity to once again inviting customers and partners to visit the new premises on the other side of corona, they also have a story worth telling.

We take climate and environmental improvements seriously, and it should preferably shine through from the inside out. So, for us sustainability is not only something we can offer through our products, but also something that underlies the entire Biofuel Express’ DNA and existence, and we are honestly quite proud of that!